A group dedicated to the upholding of the memory of those who served in the Royal or Merchant Navies, and all those who supported them in the carrying out of this service.

The Past

Our record perhaps is not as impressive as some but we are proud of what we have managed to achieve none the less when one remembers that we are not a large group. Still we have taken part in the filming of several T.V programmes, been presented to Royalty on several occasions as well as the Admiral of the Fleet to mention but a few.

The Future

It is obviously difficult to be precise as to what or may not happen to us in the coming seasons. Perhaps we shall get more film work What is certain is that we shall attempt to attend as many shows about the country as time and money allows but Chatham generally has first call on our services as it is our home base. Of course if you can drive then it will be a good excuse for you to drive one of the vehicles to the show providing that is it is within reach.

As far as we know the Dockyard has it in mind to put on another War Weekend later this year and we shall of course be in attendance but shows are being notified all of the time.


Mention has been made of vehicles and pictures of them can be seen in the Gallery. At present the group can muster five and it has always been our ambition to mount a convoy of our own but for this we do need people willing to drive them.

In fact we were one of the first to have vehicles dedicated to the Royal navy and to use colours other that the Olive drab that most military vehicles are seen in.

Of the five vehicles that we have and which obviously make up such a large part of the display, two are Lorries, if you will pardon the expression, for neither is much larger than a Range Rover. We know that the navy used them for veterans have told us of their memories of being transported in the type. We also know that the colour is right for it too has been verified.

The motorbikes are just one type that was used a great deal by the navy for the carrying of dispatches whilst the car is of the type that was either donated or commandeered at the start of the war.

If you are qualified to drive either a car or a motor bike then the way is open for you should you wish to join us to drive one of our vehicles.

Lorry with red flag

The red flag on one of our Lorries indicates that it is carrying ammunition or explosives whilst taking part in a set piece display. Driving this vehicle is not confined to sailors but Wrens also.